Deaths At Eshowe


The following is a list by unit of those buried in the military cemetary at Eshowe during the period of occupation, 23 January – 4 April 1879. The date of deaths can be found in the Diary of the Siege.

2/3rd Regiment 'The Buffs'

Capt H.J.N. Williams Lt G.R.J Evelyn Lce Cpl T. Taylor Drummer A. Mortimer Pte W. Dunne (buried in fort) Pte A. Kingston Pte W. McLeod Pte J. Monk Pte E. Oakley Pte J. Stack Pte A. Tarrant

99th Regiment

Lt A.S.F. Davison Pte C. Coombes Pte W. Kent Pte W. Knee Pte B. Lewis Pte J. Paul Pte P. Roden Pte J. Shields Pte W. Tubb Pte T. Venn

Army Hospital Corps

Pte W. Barber

HMS Active

Midshipman L.C. Coker Artificer J. Moore Leading Seaman J. Radford Able Seaman A. Smith Marine W. Stagg

Natal Native Contingent

Sergeant O. Hydenburg (buried in fort)

Capt H.J.N. Williams
2/3rd Regiment 'The Buffs'

Lt A.S.F. Davison
99th Regiment

Lt G.R.J Evelyn
2/3rd Regiment 'The Buffs'

Midshipman L.C. Coker
HMS Active


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