Fort Nongqayi Museum Village

Fort Nongqayi Museum Village


Well, hi, all you culturally deprived people! I bet this comes as a surprise!

Just when we thought that life had closed down for good at the museum, along comes Level 1 and we're open for business again. And lots has been happening behind the scenes but I'll tell you about that later. Because time is getting few, I want to you to know first off that you need to be at the Fort Nongqayi Museum Village on this coming Monday, (yep, the 24th January) at 5 p.m. for a very different experience. The launch of a most unusual book, "Black Lion; Alive in the Wilderness" by Sicelo Mbatha and Bridget Pitt.

This remarkable book is a record of Sicelo's experiences as a volunteer conservationist, and his development of a deep spirituality as he engages with the wilderness. It's a must-read for all those of us who find ourselves deeply appreciative of the wild, whether as conservationists or spiritual seekers. Sicelo is from the Dokodweni area, and he and his co-author, Bridget Pitt, will be on hand to talk about their experiences and the book in an open session conducted by Gugu Mhlongo. I have attached the publisher's blurb for more information. But, please, don't miss this chance. There will be copies of the book available for R285. Entrance is free.

So okay, got it? Monday, 24th January, 5 p.m.; Fort Nongqayi Museum Village.

So, what's been happening behind the scene is that both the Zululand Historical Museum and Vukani Zulu Cultural Museum have amalgamated under the aegis of the municipality, and are now known as, yes, you guessed it, the Fort Nongqayi Museum Village. There are lots of ways in which the amalgamation smoothes out financial and administrative matters and gives all the staff a career path they were lacking before. No staff have lost their jobs but they have been shuffled around a bit. Hannes Diemont is in overall charge and Elizabeth Mazibuko and Zama Mbatha are his assistants. Ayanda Ntuli and Promise Bhengu are the weekend staff, so those are the faces you will see when you bring your visitors to us.

A number of enquiries have been received about the shop and restaurant. Advertisements for these facilities have been placed in the press and we're hoping to see some exciting applications.

We've all been starved of the sight of each other's faces, so we look forward so much to seeing you on Monday. But, sorry, Covid regs still apply so wear your masks.

Ciao for now,


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