Other Interesting Places

* Battle of Nyezane
* Fort eShowe / Siege of eShowe
* British Military Cemetery
* Norwegian Cemetery
* Signal Hill Mbomboshana
* Battle of Gingindlovu
* Fort Curtis

* Fort Nongqayi
* KwaMondi Mission Station / Fort eShowe / Norwegian Cemetery
* The Residency
* eShowe Gaol
* King Cetshawayo's Memorial
* The New KwaMondi Mission
* Martyr's Cross
* 1st and 2nd World War Memorial
* KwaBulawayo
* Coward's Bush
* Mandawe Cross - This church was built in 1968 to commemorate the endevours of the early missionaries in Zululand. Overlooking the Nkwaleni Valley, the church is built in the form of an inverted milk pail with a large cross on top and is a remarkable landmark - off the P230.
* Samarang - The oldest Victorian home in Zululand, built in 1883 by EA Brunner, trader, Member of Parliament and Magistrate for John Dunn. This was the site of the 6-month trail of King Dinuzulu and was also the site of Brunner's trading store and bakery, the ovens of which can be seen in the grounds. Visit by special appointment only.
* Medical Museum - Dr Eric Brits

* Citrus (oranges & grapefruit)
* Juice Extracting factory
* Avocados
* Sugar Cane
* Bananas
* Wide variety of vegetables (the rural community as well as established farmers)

* Vukani Craft Shop (there are 2 in eShowe)
* Environmental Educational Centre - for school groups
* Mfuli Game Ranch - have recently introduced game - self-catering lodges
* Prince Dabulamanzi Trail - 3 day hiking trail
* Various crafters of outstanding quality - pots, baskets, beadwork, painting on fabric


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